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Night Vision Binoculars or Residual Light Amplifiers are optical instruments for seeing in the dark. They are used by the armed forces and the police forces as well as border guards for night missions in which this type of tool is essential.
Any night vision device will significantly improve the ability to see in the dark, but there are different generations of products ranging from simple monocular Gen 1 products to advanced military standard Gen 4 binoculars combined with thermal imaging.
Approved by the French authorities to sell and export night vision systems, Sofexi proposes a wide range of products: various generation systems, monoculars, binoculars, sights, with optional image intensifier tubes, infrared systems, etc.




No matter where the user finds themselves (on land, sea or in the air), they are able to identify their position at any time and in any location on surface of the earth or close to it, with unprecedented accuracy, from the moment they are equipped with a GPS receiver and the necessary software to process the data received.
Sofexi proposes maritime, terrestrial and aeronautical navigation units, as well as equipment for locating commercial fleets (ships, aircraft, trucks), and for monitoring and tracing routes and for assessing the relevance of the routing used.



Sofexi sells measuring devices for fixed mounted use, for distance measurements or vehicle speed readings. The range of the apparatus is adapted to the user's needs and can be from 450 to 1,000 metres. The lenses, of very high quality, are fully multi-coated, providing unparalleled image quality.