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With its specialised French and European partners, Sofexi offers a complete range of transport means: lightweight vehicles (VL), utility vehicles, four-wheel drives, heavy goods or even two-wheeled vehicles.
Sofexi adapts to meet client needs with the availability of new or second-hand products, but also numerous accessories in order to configure and equip the vehicles depending on the function such as logistics, medical, public order, escort and VIP protection, civil defence, etc.

Several examples of possible equipment:

  • Radiocommunications and/or jamming
  • Signalisation: paint, logos, markings, flashing lights
  • Searchlights, specific furniture
  • Tanks, pumps
  • Containers / refrigeration units




Sillinger is a company renowned world-wide for performance, reliability and quality of its boats in CSM-Neoprene. To assure the water tightness and maintenance afloat in all circumstances of its pneumatic boats, the company has developed an innovative technical solution: the double cold bonding of Hypalon-Neoprene (1670 Decitex), with reinforcements and wrapping as well as sealed bulkheads of various compartments.
Experts in the design and manufacture of boats and collapsible or semi-rigid structures, Sillinger equips the Armed Forces, Marine Commandos, Coast-Guards, Firemen, etc., but also private clients with the most demanding needs.