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With more than 30 years of experience in Optronics, LHERITIER is a very active industrial player in the Defence/Security, Aeronautics and Rail Transport markets. 
A company that has retained its human touch (employing 40 very highly qualified people), located close to Paris, France, with the capacity to meet the needs of highly demanding environments. The ability to offer constant image quality, by day and at night (especially under low light and/or degraded visibility conditions) are the LHERITIER signature in what has become a very demanding market.
This positioning over the past 20 years, one that is recognised by optronics experts, is at the heart of the company's innovation policy that has been acknowledged by DGA (Label Innovation RAPID) and Bpifrance (CMI 2030 winner) and this is what led to the world-wide innovation of the unique CAT-EYE Day/Low-Light/Night camera.
LHERITIER is a subsidiary of Groupe ALCEN, a family-held technical and industrial company employing 2,000 people specialising in very advanced technological specialties.